Friday, February 20, 2009


I am trying to quilt. I am not brave enough to go it alone. In summer I took a class, it wasn't long enough. So the quilting was put on hold. I just finished sewing the rows together last night. Now I am going to try and follow the directions to finish it, let's hope that it works.


Crayola58 said...

I have about 10 quilts in process. Last year I bought the Accue-Quilt GO machine and it cuts 6 to 8 layers of fabrics...and the quilt blocks (of all shapes) are soooooo precise it is impossible to not have all the seams meet if you follow the seam allowance. It has cured all of my quilting woes. I worked part time at a fabric store when my son went to college and I still have fabrics. All of that is being cut down and made into quilts. I love quilting and I am glad you do as well. Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello.

Crayola58 said...

Kristi, thanks again for stopping by my blog to say hello. I hope that you can pursue sewing and making quilts. My high school friend, Dee, owns "Quilt Camp" and I show her what I've made and I am quick to say "I am not a quilter, I simply sew something like a quilt". After all the years of my sewing, I still have a lot to learn on quilting.