Friday, September 26, 2014

P is for Payton

Finally finished, after what seemed like months of snags and a busy life, the letter P for my friend's daughter Payton.  I was told Payton loved purple, zebras, and glitter! What little girl wouldn't???

 The P and paper was bought from Hobby Lobby.  The zebra was bought from Walmart and enhanced with rhinestones, glossy accents and glitter from somewhere.
 Toenail, I mean hoof polish! Yes, they do market glittery hoof polish for your hooved animals. ;)
 This is why I love my Gypsy, I love to weld my letters together and cut out on my Cricut. I hope my Gypsy never dies, although it is showing signs of spazzing out these days.  I Glossy Accented the name and added glittery glitz.
Final end result! A rik rak glitzy ribbon hanger.  

Thanks for looking.

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